Your Digital Solution for Employee Engagement, Recognition & Rewards

highfive Rewards: the most effective, interactive and controllable rewards platform available to you and your business.

highfive Rewards provides:

  • A centrally managed rewards solution
  • A unique line manager reward & recognition platform
  • Peer to peer recognition

 Your one-stop shop for:  

Engagement | Recognition | Peer to Peer Recognition | Recognising Achievements | Celebrating Success | Individual Rewards | Team Rewards | Loyalty Rewards | Spontaneous Rewards

If you have more than 20 employees and are looking to improve your employee engagement, make your company reward & recognition more accessible and visible with a solution that really works, then it’s time to highfive!

Whatever you require for your programme, we can support you. With advice & solutions to increase employee engagement, improve team retention or simply to show your teams how much they are appreciated, highfive Rewards is your answer.


highfive Rewards | KEY FEATURES

Our employee engagement, rewards & recognition platform is an app-based solution available at the fingertips of every one of your employees. No need for individuals to be sat at their desk or to be home to sign for postal rewards. Our solution Highfives them instantly!

Downloaded via a secure link and available on all digital platforms,  iOS & Android & desktop, your platform will be branded and uploaded onto the phone home screen of every one of your teams.

With full programme management at your senior team’s fingertips, you are able to view real-time reporting.

Reward your team with a Mastercard® Prepaid Card good anywhere Mastercard is accepted around the world, and or allow peer to peer recognition with a virtual highfive of appreciation.

Employees can select either a virtual or physical Mastercard Prepaid Card

  • Pound
  • Euro

Digital Choice  

highfive Rewards | KEY FEATURES

highfive Rewards | WHY CHOOSE OUR SOLUTION

  • Complete Control

You are in complete control of the app through a dashboard which allows immediate access and updates. No need to go through a ticketed help desk to make changes, add on-the-spot competitions or in-the-moment rewards for hitting targets.

  • Simple Solution

HighFive Rewards brings together all of your reward & recognition requirements in one simple space. Everyone recognises and appreciates a HighFive from a peer. Reward your employees with a Prepaid Card that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted worldwide, rather than a gift card that may not be their first-choice retailer.

  • No Fulfilment Fees

With no fulfilment fees and 100% of your rewards going directly to your employees, HighFive is the most cost-effective solution for employee engagement.

  • Short Set-Up Time

We can provide a live platform within 5 working days of receiving your branding and initial set up requirements. We hate waiting so we don’t like making our app engagers wait either!

  • Low-Cost Solution

Low set up costs, no ongoing management fees or processing fees, with a low annual licence fee and a one-off set up fee, HighFive Rewards makes your reward budget do what it is supposed to do- engage & reward your teams rather than be lost in fees


highfive Rewards | WHY CHOOSE OUR SOLUTION