Our Solution

How To Use highfive Rewards

highfive Rewards puts you in control of your own programme

Through its flexibility, you can manage all of your existing and future reward and recognition requirements

The unique peer to peer recognition allows employees to highfive one another for a job well done!

With our vast knowledge of what really works, we will help you set up a monthly draw to engage your teams and help create the balance between reward and recognition

Allocate set reward budgets by management tier, by department or to suit your company structure

Add, change or remove users from the programme via your desktop control panel

Run real-time reports to understand and enhance the usage of your programme plus run the end of year P11d reports for your employee base



A successful reward and recognition programme relies upon an effective initial launch and ongoing communication within your business. With our support for launch collateral and tried and tested communication routes, we can help with the language, approach, structure and ongoing measurement of your programme. We will support you to align your rewards against your core values: great service, great work, commitment, long service or service milestones or a simple THANK YOU for a job well done.

Success should be celebrated at every opportunity to reinforce your culture and goals as a business. Rewarding your employees will soon become less about the value of the reward and more focused on the recognition and appreciation.

The awarder will be prompted to add in a comment of up to 200 characters which will be captured for reporting purposes as well as being received by the team member being appreciated.

Reasons to Reward

The list of reasons to reward is endless, but our top tips for reasons to reward include:


Hitting targets

Key service milestones of 1, 5, 10 years

Recognition of effort and hard work


 Exceptional service level for a client

Receipt of a positive review or testimonial from a client

When an employee receives a certain number of highfives from their peers

Completing a project on time, within budget, with delighted customers

Hitting a mystery customer target

Sharing a great idea