Ways of Rewarding – Our 10 Best ‘Thank Yous’ for Your Team

There might be times when someone in your team does something so brilliant that you could just give them a big kiss…but there are some ways of showing gratitude that simply aren’t appropriate in the workplace! Thus, managers often find themselves considering effective ways of rewarding their team. The most obvious way of saying thank […]

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Why Does Employee Recognition Work?

When a line manager says THANK YOU to an employee, the ripple effect of the positive affirmation will be felt for a significant amount of time. Not only does the person giving the recognition feel positive about the person who has done a good job and the person receiving the recognition feel appreciated, those around […]

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What are the best forms of employee recognition?

Reward and recognition have been buzzwords in business for longer than most of us have been in business. But what do they actually mean and when do they work? Most managers and leaders would agree that maintaining an engaged, motivated, driven workforce, improving productivity, employee happiness and reducing turnover of the team, is vital to […]

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