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highfive Recognition and Reward Solution has been developed to work for companies of all shapes and sizes, both UK-based or with an international requirement.

A simple-to-use smartphone application (also designed to work as a desktop app) to enable employees and management to recognise their peers or subordinates in their company against their own core values. A means to reinforce a simple thank-you, whether in person or remotely. The solution also incorporates a seamless solution for the allocation of reward values to an individual, team or all employees at once through a client managed administration portal. All supported by the true reward of choice via a digital choice Prepaid Mastercard, a reward currency that was previously deemed to be expensive and only for large organisations! Well, it’s none of these now! Basically put, this is a virtual Mastercard which the recipient can spend online immediately within minutes of receiving it and be invoiced to you, the client, at its face value.

Along with your employees feeling recognised for their contribution via their peers and management, they can also elect to use £5.00 of their rewarded value to select a physical mastercard to keep in their purse or wallet to use on the Highstreet. As this reward mechanic is accepted wherever the Mastercard logo is shown as a method of payment, it truly is the reward of choice. No limitations to a specific retailer or service provider such as those experienced with a Gift Card. No fulfilment fees for digital choice that would eat into your overall reward budget.

No merchandise reward options, just a very clean and easy to use Pre-Paid virtual or physical Mastercard.

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This App has been developed and will be maintained within an ISO27001 framework and is fully GDPR compliant created through multiple workshops and brainstorming with our developer ‘infonote’ of Market Harborough (Suite 3, 149 St Mary’s Rd, Market Harborough LE16 7DZ).

The digital rewards can also be supplied as a standalone solution outside of the highfive application.

To round the solution of, we have also included an employee benefits solution whereby your employees can save on their everyday expenditure through our highfive savings solution. This is an optional extra. If you already have such a solution in place, the App can act as a gateway to this through a link from you we would embed within the app for ease of access and continuous promotion. This can also be a standalone solution.

*The default currency will be GBP although there are a total of eight currencies the client can select from for their specific requirements. The GBP currency can be used around the globe whereever Mastercard is accepted, although the recipient will incur currency exchange fee from their balance if used outside of the UK at a rate of 2%.