Can everyone receive reward and recognition in the same way?

Does reward and recognition work for everyone in the same way? Or is the opposite true? Does all recognition need to be unique and personalised? There is much research to view around incentive theory, motivation and reward, and psychological theories. Is it any wonder that many businesses simply shy away from offering reward and recognition as a platform?  Is it right to rely on individuals to thank and recognise their teams, instead? We can all guess how often that happens if we don’t have it as a scheduled task. And when it is a scheduled task? It feels contrived and forced. So, what’s the solution?

Recently, a company spoke to us, who had bought all of their employees a hamper for Christmas. The hampers were to say thank you and well done for a good year of hard work. The hamper was fantastic! There were 3 choices for every employee; white wine, red wine or non—alcoholic. The hamper was jam-packed with Christmas goodies that really were of great quality. Did the employees and suppliers appreciate this? Of course, lots of them did, but a few rumblings have been fed back to the Operations Manager- ‘Why can’t we just get a voucher?’ ‘Don’t bother to give me one of those next year, I didn’t like it.’  ‘That hamper is still sat in my cupboard, it’s going in the bin soon.’

Rude? Ungrateful? Yes.. but why? Because we are all different and some people cannot see past the gesture and get hung up on the item. It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a product that everyone in a 100+ employee team will love- or even want.

Right or left-brain employees

One school of thought as to why people react so differently to stimulus, recognition and reward lays people in two distinct camps. That theory splits those with a dominant right brain and those with a dominant left brain.

The Left Brain

Being left brained in the modern office environment is a simple and easy fit for most. In fact, the workplace environment necessitates that we become more and more left brained. The left side of the brain controls the functions that relate to analytics, logic, sequencing, gives us a reference of self in time and space.  Science and other STEM subjects, operating systems and policies, logistics, management by lists, data management and list-focused collaboration are all the natural environment for the left-brain employee.

The Right Brain

Compassion, intuition, inclusiveness, creativity, team collaboration and challenging the norm are the traits of a right brain employee. These people are far more able to manage and respond to non-linear thought, abstract strategies and generalities. Far less catered for in the modern office environment and often left feeling empty asking ‘is this all there is?’.

It takes the yin & the yang to make a whole

Creating an environment where the two sides of the coin can learn from one another will develop both. Helping the right-brainers become more structured and analytical will aid their future comfort and employability. They will feel more like a perfect part of your team’s jigsaw puzzle. Less like a square peg in a round hole. Helping the left dominants to be more creative, step away from their desks, go for a walk, have some fun with their team at lunchtime, will develop the rapport and team spirit within the office.

The benefit of this is really simple. Creativity, the domain of the right brain, is the single most important factor in the acquirement of wealth, second only to tenacity. Creative people, when engaged, will produce huge volumes of work. They will do this in a short amount of time. They will break through barriers, stretch boundaries and find new ways. BUT- asking them to conform to a dress code or list out their work on a spreadsheet of minutes spent on each function is a massive no-no.

So how does this relate to reward and recognition?

If we accept that everyone is different, one size will never fit all. We must find ways to engage everyone uniquely then a reward and recognition platform that puts employees at the heart of their own destiny. To allow them to engage independently, is surely the ideal solution?  Right-brainers can react to situations, write creative comments, look to engage and be inclusive. Left brainers can schedule a time each week in their diaries, with an alarm that tells them to look for someone to recognise. They can use a tick list of attributes that they want to see and when someone achieves a number of ticks, the highfive is theirs!

We can brand the platform to your company’s unique colours. The style, look and feel will engage those creative types and the functionality is simple, structured and clear- happy left brainers!

We would love the opportunity to show you just what a difference highfive Rewards could have on your organisation. For a FREE demonstration of our rewards and recognition app, and to wave goodbye to ever having to disappoint an employee with a Christmas hamper ever again, send us a message, email [email protected] or call 07470 301913 and we will get right back to you.