Getting employees to give their best every day can seem like a difficult task, but truthfully, it is easier than you think. It’s all about creating the right work culture in which employees feel like they’re contributing and want to contribute towards the success of the organisation. You’ll be surprised at how much these 6 simple steps will improve employee engagement in your business.

Just before we start, here are some interesting employee engagement facts:

  • 87% of employees are NOT engaged in their job.
  • Happy workers are 12% more productive.
  • 36% of employees would give up part of their wage to be happier at work.
  • Highly engaged businesses see a 10% increase in customer ratings.
  • 60% of workers would like to receive work praise more frequently

Our top 6 ways to improve employee engagement can be implemented right now. As you read through these tips you will start to understand how much increasing employee engagement will benefit your business’s output. To find out more about employee reward and recognition, read this article: The Best Forms of Employee Recognition

  • Encourage employees to speak out

Everyone knows bottling something up is never a good idea, especially at work, as employees could be holding back valuable ideas that can benefit the business. Creating an environment that allows people to talk about issues they’re having at work will make for a friendlier, motivated environment. In order to create this type of culture, you have to make it clear that workers can speak out without criticism or judgement.

  • Take on an open-door policy

We’ve all heard of it, the famous management style that allows employees to speak with managers freely. Well, if we’re honest, we love the idea! It creates open flow conversations which can spark ideas, builds trust between managers and employees and builds a closer working relationship which leads to achieving goals; all factors of good employee engagement.

  • Ensure all employees feel involved

We all sometimes get FOMO (fear of missing out), even at work, which can make us feel unwanted and demotivated. Involving employees within the business itself and tasks that are outside of their usual job role can increase motivation and engagement. Involvement also means educating employees more about the business and having them understand why certain jobs need to be done. This gives the employee a new understanding of their role which motivates them to do well for themselves and the business.

  • Get to know your employees

Make the effort to get to know your employees and learn more about them, what makes them work and what gets them motivated. Building a relationship with employees can have one of the biggest impacts on employee engagement as it builds trust and understanding which leads to increased engagement and work ethic.

  • Conduct regular reviews

Having regular employee reviews can help to point out things that can be improved, as well as congratulating employees on a job well done. Reviews are always a perfect way to set new goals and give employees something to work towards and measure themselves against. This leads to improved employee engagement as they have targets to reach. Taking time out of your diary as a leader, scheduling some 1-2-1 time and ensuring that this appointment is kept, is highly important. Saying THANK YOU not only creates a culture of gratitude, but it will also improve employee input and happiness at work. For more information, read our article on the Best Thank-Yous For Your Team.

  • Offer rewards

Who doesn’t love a reward? Rewarding employees for the work they do can instantly boost morale, work ethic and engagement. Something as simple as a £5 Mastercard high five can make a difference in an employee’s engagement. Okay, maybe not a physical high five, but a digital one, now that’s something special.

To learn more about rewarding your team and increasing employee engagement read this blog: Why Does Employee Recognition Work?