There might be times when someone in your team does something so brilliant that you could just give them a big kiss…but there are some ways of showing gratitude that simply aren’t appropriate in the workplace! Thus, managers often find themselves considering effective ways of rewarding their team. The most obvious way of saying thank you is with those two simple words, but, in this day and age, words alone don’t pack much of a punch. How many times have you said thank you today? Using the same 2 words we use when passed the salt at the dinner table or when handed a coffee in Starbucks might not cut it to express your gratitude for the effort your team put in. So, if you’re looking for a way to reward someone in your team, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite 10 ways you can reward and say THANK YOU.

Our 10 favourite ways of rewarding

  • By putting pen to paper – as physical cards are becoming less and less frequent, a small card of thanks will likely take pride of place on your team members desk or pin board.
  • By giving a compliment – let them know exactly what it was that they did right. Whether you’re a person of little words or the type to wax lyrical let them know how brilliant they are. 
  • With food – treating your team to a pizza for lunch or a tray of gooey chocolate brownies is sure to ensure smiles on faces and satisfied bellies.
  • By offering a hard earned break – your team members must have done something extra special if they are receiving a day off, but at times when the hard hours have been put in, your team will sure feel appreciated if they get to start the weekend an hour or two early on a Friday.
  • By returning the favour – offering to help your team out with some work in the future will show your appreciation for the effort they put in.
  • By giving a gift – the joy of opening something – however big or small – wrapped in pretty paper never gets old. This may challenge how well you know the likes and dislikes of your team though! A bottle of red might not be the best way to reward a wine hating colleague.
  • By making sure the gift is something they want –If you’re not exactly sure of the intricate likes and dislikes of your team, gifting a prepaid Mastercard allows you to choose the amount and your team member to essentially choose their own gift.
  • By sending a text – as responding to emails, calls and texts becomes an ongoing chore taking up a large majority of our time, the time taken to compose and send a message will not be overlooked.
  • By sharing a celebratory drink – Toast success with a bottle of something bubbly for the team.
  • By giving them a high 5 – it is likely that they have outgrown the joys of a physical high 5 but like everything in this millennial age…there’s an app for that. Find out more about High5 to learn about a more efficient way to reward your team.